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Jens- Oliver Photography

I am a Freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer with extensive knowledge of techniques used for Architectural, Portrait, Landscape, Commercial and Editorial Photography, as well as the experience to alter, touch up and create advertisements such as banners, logos, and generals branding materials from them.. Along with the more natural editing i enjoy creating HDR images, that when done correctly can produce a variety of results ranging from realistic, evenly lit images to surreal and vivid photos. I enjoy photographing just about anything and therefore constantly visualize what my surroundings will look like through the lens, or how i could alter the resulting image for use in future designs. am available for bookings and welcome you to take a look through my collection of images that have been captured both locally and while traveling internationally over the past 8 years. Not all images are available for sale, due limits on editions and limited rights of use, but most are available in sizes up to 36' by 48' on materials ranging from photo paper to canvas. If desired you can purchase the sole rights to an image, assuring that it will not be replicated, a popular option for those looking to use the image for Advertising, Branding and/or other Graphic Designs.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or estimates for bookings, Graphic Design and Customized Fine Art Prints at

I look forward to hearing from you soon !

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